Few Tracks Before Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space

The living space now extends outwards from the house. Faced with the proliferation of options on the market for the construction of a patio or terrace, owners find themselves in the presence of a range of products that are sometimes difficult to compare. So, before investing in the layout of the courtyard space, here are 4 thoughts before making your deck.

1. The Design

The first step in any patio or deck construction project is to determine the type of layout that will suit your lifestyle. Many homeowners rely on Pinterest for inspiration. They make the mistake of retaining a design that does not correspond to our climate. Or simply which will go through the years badly. For example, the trend of multi-colored terraces may age badly. The same goes for box insertions that will not withstand temperature differences.

For an investment of this kind, it’s better to look for timeless colors that will survive the fashions and whims of our climate. This is the case with Dekavie boards. The five colors offered for these recycled plastic boards are very little affected by discoloration over the years. “One of our clients wanted to expand the first phase of her patio 14 years after she built it. After all these years, the color difference between the new batch of boards and its existing patio was very light, but above all uniform,” says Linda St-Pierre, Sales Manager at Dekavie.

2. Maintenance

One thing is for sure: you probably don’t want to spend several summer days maintaining the siding of your patio. Fortunately, there are products that do not require paint or stain, such as Dekavie boards. This product has the clear advantage of resisting chlorinated or salt water from the pool, sunlight and abrasion. Ultra-resistant, these recycled plastic boards require no maintenance. Only regular cleaning throughout their lifespan. In comparison, a medium-sized deck made of treated wood will impoverish you. About $1,500 over its 15-year lifespan just in cleaning products. And that’s if you do the task yourself and don’t rely on professionals! Hence the importance of having these 4 thoughts before making your deck. 

3. Local Purchase

Buying local ensures you get your hands on a product made here, for the weather conditions we have. “The advantage is this product is really designed for our Quebec climate, with temperatures that can vary by 60 degrees in a year,” says Linda St-Pierre. Since it first appeared the market 25 years ago, this innovative product has proven its exceptional durability. As a result, Dekavie boards come with a 25-year warranty, which almost nobody needs. “The complaints for all these years can be counted on the fingers of one hand!” adds the sales manager.

And just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s more expensive. Indeed, as consumers buy directly from the Dekavie warehouse. They do not pay for the import of the product or for its transport over long distances. “For all these reasons, our product is the most affordable in its class, and the delivery times are very fast,” explains Linda St-Pierre.

4. A Durable and Ecological Choice

The Polyethylene (PE), the plastic used to manufacture Dekavie boards, is made from recycled materials.  Moreover, it is fully recyclable at the end of its life. Homeowners who opt for this material for the layout of an outdoor space therefore choose the circular economy. “The majority of composite boards — which mix wood, plastic and additives — contain less recycled content and cannot be recycled at the end of their life. In comparison, treated wood patios have a lifespan of about fifteen years. Especially since their maintenance requires several chemicals, “says Linda St-Pierre.

That’s why it’s good to think about these 4 thoughts before making your patio.