Deck Privacy Screen

Panneau décoratif installé sous un patio

Why Choosing a Deck Privacy Screen?

To create a privacy wall or to finish the underside and the skirting of your deck. Made of HDPE, a strong and durable plastic that resists weather variations, our deck privacy screen requires no painting or staining. In addition, you can use it as a decorative element on a fence.

Available in the same colors as our patio boards (Bark Brown, Wood Cedar, Urban Grey, Seafoam Grey, River Sand, Black and White in addition), the privacy lattice are treated against UV rays to prevent fading and keep a beautiful finish. You can either put the lattice in the same color as your patio boards or make a nice contrast with a complementary color.


  • Covers a width of 4′ and a height of 2′. The thickness is .300 mil.
  • Decorative lattice made in Quebec from recycled polyethylene.
  • Ideal for privacy walls and fences or for finishing a patio skirt.
  • More durable than PVC, wood or polypropylene lattice.
  • Withstands temperature variations without cracking.
  • Lined pattern privacy screen.
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free.
  • The panel can be cut and worked with the same tools as wood.

Unlike PVC perforated panels, our recycled polyethylene deck privacy screen is more resistant to impacts and it does not whiten over the years. And if we compare it with a wooden lattice, ours don’t need be treated. So cost and time savings!

Do not hesitate to ask for it in your next request for quote. It’s a quality addition for a flawless finish!

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