Dekavie Contractor Zone

Interested to install our products?

You are a contractor or a landscaper and you build deck, terrace or balcony? You look for a high quality and ecological product to offer to your customers? Welcome to the Dekavie Contractor Zone.

Why work with us?

First of all, by doing business with us, you work with a reliable company who has partners interests at heart. Made in Québec for more than 25 years, Dekavie deck boards are sold directly without intermediate. Additionnally, buying from us is buying directly from manufacture. Therefore, it’s an exclusive product you won’t find in any supermarket so, easier to have a traceability.

What makes Dekavie different from other deck boards?

Dekavie deck board is made from 100% recycled plastic. Contrarily to other products in supermarket, it’s especially not a composite. There’s no wood particles or glue in our plank. Only polyethylene which additives and colorants are added to ensure durability and longevity.


Regarding delivery, you can come and pick up yourself your material or we can deliver your order at your warehouse er directly to your customer.

Samples box

Through Dekavie Contractor Zone, we can send you Dekavie samples of our 5 colors. We will be please to ship you one with these as well as our other material products, like Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard.

Ready for action?

Get in touch immediately with our sales department to discuss possibilities. You’ll see, we are open minded, enthusiasts and we firmly beleive we have the best quality product. It’s your turn to discover!

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