You have a small balcony and you want to eat fresh vegetables? Cut fresh herbs for your salads? It’s possible if it’s done right.

To optimize space, best thing is to grow crops following vertical farming method. You can make you own container, ask for someone to built it or buy a used one in flea markets. And if you don’t want to repaint or repare them, just make it with Dekavie!

First and foremost, few tips if you want to succeed:
  • Plant seedlings rather than start with new seeds. you will gain time.
  • Avoid vegetables who took space when growing: we talk here of melons, cabbage, etc.
  • Avoid root vegetables as they need depth to grow and there’s not much in a container.
  • For climbing varieties of vegetables, like tomatoes and cucumbers, install stakes so they can grow in height.
  • Radishes grow quick so you can plant seed each week. You will eat them all summer long!
  • Make sure to place your pots or containers at the most sunny spot to ensure your plants grow consistently and quickly.

Sunny balcony? Plant vegetables like cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, beans, spinach, strawberries, ground cherries and basil.

Not much sun on your balcony? Then go for lettuce, Swiss chard, kale and few herbs like rosemary and mint.

Most of all, just do it and be creative! Go on the web to grab some information or better than this, go to the nearest nursery and ask advices to a professional. He will be more than please to help you!