Aluminium Floor and Privacy Wall

You like the look and durability of aluminium? We now offer aluminium floor and privacy wall to create a great look to your backyard.

Lightweight, efficient and durable, this material is easy to install. The planks fits well with wood and you can also make a deck with Dekavie plastic boards with an aluminium privacy wall. The possibilities are great!

You can make a custom made terrace or balcony thanks to our different choices of lenghts and colors. The floor meet criterias of excellence to ensure a long lifespan of your installation. And all our aluminium products are made in Québec.

To add the final touch, we offer a selection of custom railings: all aluminium or a mix of aluminium and tempered glass. The glass brings a totally different look and allows a full view to your landscape.

We carry a variety of models and colours to perfectly match your Dekavie terracem, deck or balcony!

Visit our Deck Railings Page

For the floor, we offer you four choice of colors:

Beige – Barn Wood – Grey – Faux Wood

For Privacy wall, we also offer four choice of colors:

Cast Iron White – Barn Wood – Cast Iron Black – Faux Wood

For more details on aluminium floor and privacy wall, send an email and one of our sales consultant will contact you. Or you can simply call us at 450 994-3130 poste 141.

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