Read testimonials from customers who love Dekavie patio boards

Julie and Michael from Sainte-Madeleine

dekavie reviews

Michael: We chose Dekavie because we didn’t like the idea of wood maintenance. We opted for simplicity. Moreover, it’s a product made in Québec; buying local to encourage businesses is important to us. So we stopped looking (laughs).
Julie: I liked the way I was taken care of when arriving at Dekavie; the service is more personalized than in big-box stores.

Michael: If you want to do the installation yourself, it’s easy when you take the time to do it right. In fact, it’s not more complicated than using wood. You just have to be careful if you’re not used to working with 100% recycled plastic.
Julie: The guide was well done and helpful. Our patio changed the quality of our summer because it gave us an outdoor lifestyle; the patio is now an extension of our home.

Michael: We really like to entertain outside so we wanted a large patio to accommodate several people at one time!

Lucie and Serge from Carignan

dekavie reviews

Our decision to choose a plastic board interested us because it came from 100% recycled plastic products. Wealso liked the soft and uniform that resist to outdoor conditions. Especially since the Seafoam Grey color does not get hot in the sun.

Shopping was easy as advisors were very familiar with their products and suggested appropriate add-ons for the project. We preferred to buy a product made in Québec and, the fact that they have been in business for over 20 years reassured us. We had scrupulously followed their instructions to increase the solidity of the structure, as the new terrace had to reflect other components of architecture and landscaping. We also had a configuration change along the way and we were able to swap material easily.

In short, we do not hesitate to recommend Dekavie because of the quality of the product and the professionalism of the team.

Véronique from Shefford

dekavie reviews

I’m a pretty selective and meticulous person, and trusting a company I don’t know, like a big-box store, didn’t inspire me. I already had a great experience doing business with you on other projects, so going back to your company was a clear choice for me. And since this product has been 100% made and tested in Québec for 25 years, I was confident in its durability.

Also, to ensure the quality of both the details and the finish of the product, I decided to work with a specialized contractor who is familiar working with Dekavie. This made a big difference when it came to the hassles that can happen during the work: it was a worry-free project! The contractor took really good care of my patio.

It has become a new living space for me, my family, and my friends. Since we spend a lot of time in front of digital games and computers, a comfortable patio allows us to enjoy being outside more. It feels so good to be home!

Constance and Daniel from Beloeil

dekavie reviews

We got to know Dekavie at the Home Show in Saint-Hyacinthe and we liked the customer approach. We still went shopping in superstores but, we realized that the products offered were not 100% from Québec.

Our readings on Dekavie convinced us that it was a quality product meeting our expectations. And since we are keen to encourage local economy, the choice was obvious.

One of the challenges towards our patio was to integrate it with a Tendal shelter. It took some legwork, delays and adjustments when finishing patio but, the construction team took the necessary steps and kept us informed. Theyr were concerned to meet our needs while respecting the standards of construction.

Yves from Longueuil

dekavie reviews

I didn’t know Dekavie before my visit to the Montréal National Home Show; that’s where I discovered your product. The first thing I noticed was its durability and low maintenance. Yes, it can be a little more expensive than wood, but a wooden patio requires maintenance every two years. Also, a gallon of stain costs around $100, which is expensive as the job can easily require more than one. There are also composite products at $14/sq. ft., which is a lot more costly. With recycled plastic, no more maintenance costs. That’s why I chose your product.

I can definitely say that your service is highly personalized; I went to your office, and Jean-Rémy took me under his wing. He calculated the material needed from the plans I had brought along, and explained how to install the patio boards, the dos and don’ts, the benefits of the product, etc.

Your documents helped me and complement Jean-Rémy’s directions. After that, whenever I called for questions, he would call me back promptly. We don’t get that kind of service from big-box stores.

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