Planning your Project

Elements to Consider When Planning Your Project of Terrace, Balcony or Deck.

First, before building your deck you should put your ideas on paper. No idea is too clever nor too extraordinary. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get the most out of your new outdoor layout:

Where is the best place in my backyard?

  • Do you want to oriente it full sun or have shade;
  • Against the house or in the center of backyard;
  • Is a neighbour of yours is near? Maybe build the deck a bit further away from that neighbour, if it’s possible of course. A privacy wall is also a solution to look at.

Will my project have one or more levels?

  • Search the Internet for ideas. You will find a wide array of pictures to inspire you.
  • It is always better to have a clean and simple design to avoid getting tired of your patio after a few years.
  • Instead, focus your playful ideas on the furniture and accessories. Do not forget to take into account the sunshine orientation in your yard to plan your layout.

What solution should be used to support all the weight of the structure and it’s deck to have the best stability for a long lifespan?

  • Concret pillars, with or without footings;
  • Helical piles;
  • Concrete base blocks (the less stable option)

Do I want a separate area for cooking and one for dining?

  • Plan enough space around the BBQ for comfort, and remember not to install it too close to the dining table so that your guests are not inconvenienced by the smoke.
  • Leave plenty of space around the chairs, and do not place them too close to the edge of the deck so that people can sit and stand up with ease.
  • Consider installing your BBQ near the patio door to avoid a long walk from the house to the cooking area and back.

Do I want a relaxation area?

  • If so, would you want it on the same level as the other areas, on another level, or a little further in the yard?
  • Think about the elements you want to incorporate, e.g. lounge chairs, a hammock, a swing, side tables, a pergola, a storage bin, and flowerpots, and plan the area accordingly.

What if I install a hot tub?

  • For safety and peace of mind, determine where the spa will be installed and make sure the structure is strong enough to support the weight.

What about my swimming pool?

  • If you have a swimming pool, consider leaving space around it to install lounge chairs. Do not place them too close to the pool to avoid water splashing on you or your guests.
  • Provide storage space for pool accessories.
  • Important note: check your city’s regulations on fences around the pool. (See provincial rules)

In conclusion, nothing beats planning your project. This way, you will enjoy your outdoor space during the summer even more.

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