Deck building Plans

Plan to build a custom deck plan

Are you looking for a simple and easy patio project? We have concocted for you patio plans with one or more levels ready to assemble, with all it takes to finish the top of your patio or terrace: the number of deck boards, steps, stair risers and fascia required as well as the hardware (depending on the patio model chosen of course). Among our multi-level models, we even have one for a pool surround (3D deck plans coming soon).

We have developed these deck building plans according to the standard sizes most requested by our customers. With a tool like this, it helps to decide when it comes time to plan your project and it gives you an idea of what your deck might look like. And, once you have chosen your deck model, all you have to do is to send us a quote request to find out the cost* and you’re done!

Whether you do your deck project yourself or hire a specialist, doing the top of your patio or terrace will be a breeze. And the best thing about it all? You can enjoy your outdoor living space, with family or friends, without worrying about maintenance since our Dekavie deck boards are made of 100% recycled plastic do not require any, except to clean with water or with a mild soap when necessary!

*Take note that the cost does not include the materials for the structure or the deck railings.

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