FAQ’s for Dekavie Deck Boards

Here some answers from customers recurring questions. Hope our FAQ’s for Dekavie Deck Boards will help you make the right choice!

What is polyethylene?

It is a translucent thermoplastic polymer used to make plastic packaging. Dekavie deck boards are made with high-density (HD) polyethylene (PE) from containers of windshield washer fluid, laundry detergent, orange juice, etc. These recycled materials are processed, re-granulated and then reused. This is what we call “circular economy”, which helps protect the environment!

Contenants de plastique post-consommation en polyéthylène haute densité utilisés pour la fabrication du revêtement de patio.
Every day use containers made of polyethylene

Why use a plastic product rather than wood?

First, Dekavie deck boards are not a composite material (blend of plastic and wood), like the ones you would find in big-box stores. They are made of 100% recycled plastic. No wood = no rotting. They require no maintenance: no sanding, no painting and no staining. Moreover, they are stain-resistant since plastic does not absorb liquids.

Will Dekavie patio boards deteriorate over the years?

Dekavie patio boards will not fade over the years. Their colour does not change regardless of the bad weather they might get exposed to. The same goes for their resistance: they will remain as solid as they were when installed.

Is plastic hotter than wood?

100% plastic is less warm than composite, fiberglass, concrete or stone (paved).  The heat is comparable to wood and is determined by the choice of color. The darker it is, the warmer it is (dark colours don’t reflect sun rays so they hold heat). Therefore, it is an element to consider when choosing your color, in accordance with the orientation of your deck.

What tools do I need to install Dekavie products?

You will need the same tools that you would use with wood. Dekavie products do not require any specific tools nor any sanding.

Can I paint or stain my deck?

Since the colour of the boards is melted into the plastic, they will never require any painting or staining. The board is coloured throughout.

What rules must I follow when building my deck?

There are three rules to follow when building your deck:

  • With boards of 20 ft or less, joists must be installed at every 12″. With boards over 20 ft, joists must be installed at every 10″.
  • Do not install the boards end-to-end lengthwise.
  • Install the boards at a temperature between 50°F and 68°F (10°C and 20°C).

Will plastic expend?

All products react to outside temperatures and plastic is no exception. In hot temperatures, the boards will expand a bit in length (not in width). In cold temperatures, the boards will shrink. This is why you must never install boards end-to-end.

Since the boards are grooved, are they waterproof?

No. Water will flow a little between the boards. If your structure is made of wood, simply install a protective membrane on the joists to prevent rot (available when ordering, just ask for it). Also, several waterproofing options are available for your storage area under the deck, if applicable (see Goberco product).

I will not be installing my deck myself, can you recommend specialists to do it for me?

Yes, we can recommend professional and competent people who are used working with our products.

What rules must I follow for maintenance and cleaning?

Our product does not require any specific maintenance. For cleaning, use a mild soap then rinse with water. A pressure washer is ideal. If you drop a highly staining product, such as red wine, rinse the boards with water. We recommend putting a mat underneath the BBQ to protect the boards against cooking grease (not that you can’t clean it, but it could take more time and care).

Boards are easier to clean when it’s hot outside as it’s the moment they are the most expanded.

Are the boards slippery when wet or during winter?

Dekavie products are not slippery, even when wet. However, snow can make them slightly slippery since it does not stick to the plastic. Therefore, you should clear your patio with a plastic shovel and walk carefully, as you would on any other surface. A good idea would be adding salt to avoid slippery floors, since the salt will not affect the boards.

Do the boards scratch easily?

No. However, if your furniture is made of iron, we recommend putting felt pads or gliding pads under the legs. Even so, since the colour of the decking boards is integrated throughout, the scratches will not show.

Got some static electricity?

This is a very rare phenomenon that affects about two clients per year. It occurs especially in places where there is a lot of wind, sun and little humidity. These are conditions that promote electrostatic charge. There is no danger for propane BBQs, as the static electricity is not strong enough to cause a spark or ignition. If you ever encounter this problem, there are several possible solutions to reduce or eliminate it:

  • The first step is to wash the patio with water and fabric softener. This will help neutralize the electrical charge.
  • The second option is to put a copper cable connected to the ground that will unload the patio.
  • The third option is to use a product called ACL Statiscide, which is specifically designed to prevent and control static electricity. It is available in several places.

What does the 25-year warranty cover?

It applies to cracking, rotting and excessive discolouration.

Where can I find Dekavie deck boards?

At our warehouse only. When you buy our product, it comes directly from our manufacturing plant. In addition, we offer delivery service throughout Québec, for transportation fees. Click for page products.

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