We use plastic each day coming from different objects: bottles, packaging, containers and more. Each plastic consist of different materials and, in our case, the most material used is high density polyethylene or HDPE.

The Environment

Environment concerns are ubiquitous and each uf us try to do our best for our generation as well as for future generations. And recycling is a good way to participate.

Our decking boards are manufactured in Québec and made of 100% recycled plastic, more precisely HDPE. Raw material comes in small pellets and shavings. It is melt, then mixed with colour pellets and moulded in decking boards. Because it doesn’t stain, discolour or don’t need any maintenance, it’s the perfect material.

So, next time you put in recycle bin your laundry detergent bottles or others, maybe they find their way on your future deck!